In the back of so many of our wardrobes is an unwanted coat just asking to be put to good use! Why not dig them out and donate these to Coats of Many Colours? Together we can support the homeless community this winter.

A textile artist and seamstress Beeny in the Winter of 2020 was fixing a second-hand coats and began thinking about coat drives she took part in while growing up in the North East. Curious, she started researching to answer the questions "Where there any coat drives happening in Cambridge?" However, she was only able to find coat drives located in London and after getting in touch with Calling London was given the push to start asking local organisations the question: Did Cambridge need a coat drive?

Turns out it was the perfect answer to Wintercomforts growing need for warm clothing this winter as a result of a difficult year for the homeless community. With the support of a handful of organisations and friends from the Cambridge community Beeny was able to bring together in a short amount of time Coats of Many Colours.

Coats of Many Colours is a campaign seeking to collect 2nd hand coats from the Cambridge community and with the support of Wintercomfort passing the cleaned coats on to the homeless.

Find out more about Beeny and about Wintercomfort.

Thank you from all the support received from the following organisations:

  • Wintercomfort
  • The Lockon
  • Cambridge Doughnut
  • Cambridge Community Wardrobe
  • Calling London